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Child sexual abuse

Child sexual abuse is so horrific that people don't want to talk about it. They can't believe it could happen and often don't even believe children or youths who try to talk about it.

The longer child sexual abuse remains a secret, the longer it tends to continue and the greater the damage that causes.

Linda Lee Foltz, a survivor of child sexual abuse, volunteered to work with child abuse victims, and help them advocate their rights to healing and justice.

She wrote, Kids Helping Kids, a book about real children dealing with sexual abuse.

This is not an easy book to read. In many stories these youth, who were often adults before they felt safe talking about their abuse, stress the need for children to be informed about what child sexual abuse is, and to hear the stories of those who have survived it.

Stories in this powerful book deal with issues such recognizing dangers from strangers and people you know; what sexual abuse is; the internet; being able to take care of yourself; what to do if approached by someone; when a best friend has revealed something; threats and promises, and telling is hard but important.

Kids Helping Kids, subtitled, Break The Silence Of Sexual Abuse, by Linda Lee Foltz, published by Lighthouse Point Press can be ordered at 412-625544 or through www.kidshelpkids.net.



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