Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Introduction for Parents
     * Dr. Walter Howard Smith, Jr., Ph.D.

Introduction for Kids
     * Erica Harkema, MSW, LSW

Chapter 1
     *Stranger Dangers and People You Know

Chapter 2
     *Anyone Can Be an Abuser

Chapter 3
     *What is Sexual Abuse?

Chapter 4
     *The Internet and You

Chapter 5
     *I Can Take Care of Myself

Chapter 6
     *What to Do if Youíre Approached

Chapter 7
     * My Best Friend Just Told Me Something

Chapter 8
     *Talking Is a Great Way to Stay Safe

Chapter 9
     *Itís Not Your Fault

Chapter 10
     *Threats and Promises

Chapter 11
     *Youíre Not Alone

Chapter 12
     *Why Do I feel the Way I Do?

Chapter 13
     *What if They Donít Believe Me?

Chapter 14
     *Telling is Hard, But Itís Important

Chapter 15
     *Hold on, Youíll Be Okay