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[This book] is a bold and creative prevention strategy that will no doubt gather little dust as a resource for professional youth workers.
F. J. Mike Helper, President and CEO
Boys and Girls Clubs of Western PA
[Kids Helping Kids Break the Silence of Sexual Abuse] is an effective way to get information to kids in a way they will listen to and believe. After 30 years in social work it is apparent that one of the most effective ways to learn is thru true stories. True stories create credibility and help trusting adults create credibility and intervene when a child is in crisis.
Richard E. Wheland, LSW

[This book] is much needed. As a school social workers for 17 years I have had several occasions to intervene in the area of sexual abuse. In each instance the child and family is forever changed. This book will enlighten student and parents about the many aspects of sexual abuse, especially in the areas of blame and shame.
Annette Giovanazzi, Ed. D., LSW
School Social Worker

[This book] is accurate, well written and thorough. As a licensed professional therapists who works with sexually abused children on a daily basis, I believe readers will walk away from this book with a wealth of knowledge, not only about what child sexual abuse is, but how to deal with it and begin healing.
Dorothy A. Lopez, M. Ed, LPC
Child Advocacy Center, Toledo, OH

[This book] is a tremendous asset. It will serve in many ways to help children who are currently or recently have undergone sexual abuse. Young people sharing their stories is a proactive way to help other sexually abused children.
Claudette Selph, Executive Director
Parent Child Center of Tulsa

[This book] will assist child victims in their healing. This book should be available to therapists, social workers, teachers, prosecutors and other who work in agencies which provide services to child sexual abuse victims.
Patricia Thacker, CAC Coordinator
Las Vegas, NV

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