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[The book] is a tool of hope. It desperately needs to be made available very soon to all children and the teachers, parents and trusting adults who face these horrors daily.”
Mary Patouillet, RN, BSN, MA

“As a classroom teacher I have seen first-hand the devastation sexual abuse causes. Kids Helping Kids Break the Silence of Sexual Abuse will enable parents, educators, doctors and other professionals who work with children to better protect them and help those who have already suffered sexual abuse heal.”
Christi L. Koenig, Teacher
New Jersey

“[This book] is an important teaching tool. It provides children first-hand accounts that make sexual abuse seem more real in a child friendly book.”
Jeanne Riley, Teacher

“[The book] will greatly benefit young people of the 11-17 age group. The personal experiences of other children will teach children how to stay safe, and make victims feel less alone.”
Betsy m. Ranick, Teacher

“[This book] will educate parents and children on sexual abuse and how to stay safe. I have learned that there is no preventing abuse from happening to my own children. The blessing comes from educating your child on how to handle such a situation, to get out of it, to tell an adults, and not to let it happen again.”
Daphne Canale
Parents Against Sex Offenders

“[This book] is powerful and needed writing. It will assist children in learning about sexual abuse and give them tools should they be approached. Additionally it will empower teachers and guidance counselors to accurately identify sexual abuse, preventing the hesitation that naturally accompanies a concern for wrongful accusations.”
Melissa Stein, Teacher

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