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“Kids Helping Kids - Break the Silence of Sexual Abuse, by Linda Lee Foltz.  Ms. Foltz volunteered at Children’s Advocacy in Pittsburgh and has written an easy to read book about surviving child sexual abuse. She, a survivor herself, interviewed children and adolescents and tells their stories.
CASA Alexandria
News and Announcements, November, 2003

[This book] creatively confronts one of society’s most complex and pervasive issues. Written in an understandable format it defines and simplifies concepts associated with child sexual abuse for children and adults in a way that is supportive and educational.”
Elizabeth S. Wilson, MSW, LSW

“[This book] is informative and educational. It will be a great resource for not only children and parents but also counselors and advocates.”
Todd Eckert, President
Parent and Child Advocacy Coalition

“[This book] is an excellent resource for both children and adults.”
Sue Brody, Teacher

“[This book] will assist teachers, guidance counselors, and others trusting adults who are absent the appropriate, professional expertise to address sexual abuse. It should be made available in all public schools.”
June E. Threlkeld, Teacher

“[This book] is needed writing to expose a situation that is not often recognized in its scope or seriousness. It will aid anyone who works with children, their own or others offering a guide not only for identifying possible signs of abuse, but also strategies for the adult to employ in helping children deal with it.”
Kenneth R. Chuska, Ed.D., School Superintendent

“[This book] is needed writing that was not available to protect my sister. It will teach children how to be safe in a way they can relate to and understand. It also provides effective and hopeful place where victimized children can talk about what has happened to them and allow the healing to begin.”
Kathy Harmon

“[This book] will be a powerful tool for children to read and recognize the dangers of child molesters. Although it was not available when my son was sexually abused at the age of 10, it can make a difference for children today.”
Kathryn Lindgren Dalbo, Mother

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