Montel Williams Show


February 2, 2004

Young victims of sexual abuse will speak out against their attackers in an effort to inspire other victims to do the same. One girl was photographed explicitly by her father for many years before she finally found the proof of her abuse and took it to her mother. Because her trial was going to be open to the public she chose to agree with the plea bargain instead of going through the pain and embarrassment of allowing anyone to see the photographs her father had taken. She now participates in an anonymous online chat room for abused kids to give advice to other survivors of sexual abuse. We'll also meet a mother whose boyfriend sexually abused her six year-old daughter. Her daughter is now finding some comfort by participating in the website. We'll also meet a young man who was sexually abused by his mother when he was a child. Eventually, a relative found out about the abuse and reported his mother. When his mother finished her prison sentence, he paid her a visit to ask her why she abused him.

Todays Guests

Faith: Was abused by her father but plea-bargained because she did not want an open courtroom. She is now fighting to change legislation to allow all juvenile abuse cases to be tried in closed courtrooms.
Kimberly: Faith's mother
Susan: Her boyfriend sexually abused her six year-old daughter
Tyson: Suffered years of abuse at the hands of his mother
Linda Lee Foltz: Author of Kids Helping Kids Break The Silence of Sexual Abuse, and developed a chat website ( for young children dealing with the trauma of sexual abuse
Senator Stuart Greenleaf: State representative for Pennsylvania who will discuss his role in amending the law for child abuse victims who are testifying against their abusers
Dr. Alicia Salzer: Aftercare director for MONTEL