KLIATT, January 2004

Sexual abuse is something that many of our students face daily, but I bet most of us teachers and teacher-librarians are unaware of this happening in their lives. This book will provide students facing this kind of abuse with a message of “I am not alone” in the world, “I am not the only one facing this.” I believe this is a very important message for students to hear in order to seek help and to heal. Though some of the personal stories are simplistic, the book provides a safe place for students to explore the issues and possible ways of resolving them. In addition, it provides report writers with ideas and perspectives on the topic of abuse. After each of the student stories, there is an adult voice providing additional insight and suggestions, including whom to talk to, places to get additional information and strategies to use to cope. Because of the topic, teacher-librarians need to make sure that cataloging is thorough, since many students may feel intimidated by speaking to someone and requesting this information. – Sarah Applegate, Libn., River Ridge H.S., Lacey, WA