If You Suspect Sexual Abuse

Some guidelines when you suspect a child is experiencing sexual abuse:

  • Keep calm. Never panic or overreact.
  • Believe the child. Never doubt the child.
  • Reassure the child. Never blame the child.
  • Listen to and answer the child's questions honestly.
  • Never pressure the child to talk or avoid talking about the abuse.
  • Respect the child’s privacy. Never discuss the abuse in front of unnecessary people.
  • Never confront the offender.
  • Report the abuse immediately.

To Report Child Sexual Abuse

Call your local police, Child Protective Services, Child Advocacy Center, or Sexual Assault Crisis Center. 

For the center closest to you, call:

    The Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network (RAINN)

    The National Child Abuse Hotline

    The National Victim Center

In the greater Pittsburgh, PA area, call:

    Pittsburgh Action Against Rape
    19th Street
    Pittsburgh, PA 15203
    866-END-RAPE (1-866-363-7273)

    Center for Victims of Violent Crime
    900 Fifth Avenue
    Pittsburgh, PA 15222

    Family Resources of Pittsburgh
    South Highland Avenue
    Pittsburgh, PA

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