Facts and Statistics

Contrary to what we would like to believe, sexual abuse isnít limited to the poverty-stricken, drug infested neighborhoods. It happens everywhere. It crosses all socioeconomic, religious, and ethnic boundaries. It strikes all children. Teaching children to stay away from strangers is a great way to protect them.  But when it comes to sexual abuse, 80-90% of the time children are victimized by someone they know and trust, often someone who is charge of them. Statistics indicate that, although 50% of all cases either go unreported or remain unsubstantiated, a child is sexually abused every 2 minutes.


  • In 1998, Juvenile Justice Statistics reported over 315,400 substantiated sexual abuse cases.
  • Yet as many as 50-90% of child sexual assaults either remain unreported or unsubstantiated.
  • That means a child is sexually assaulted at least EVERY 2 Minutes and may be as often as EVERY MINUTE!
  • 1 in 4 girls by 16 and 1 in 6 Boys by 18 are victims
  • Often there are NO physical signs.
  • 85% of the time, the child knows and trusts the abuser.
  • Sexual abuse crosses all socio-economic and religious boundaries.
  • Silence protects the abuser.
  • Silence allows the victimization to continue.

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