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Feature Articles for February, 2004

Recommended Reads for February
by Mari Conners

Hardly a day goes by that parents arenít confronted with disturbing news regarding child abductions, sexual abuse, or violent outbreaks in schools and homes around our nation. Simply highlighting these incidents in the news does little to comfort the individuals who are affected by them or change what appears to be a trend. Thankfully, a number of books have been written over the past decade to educate parents and help them rear children that are responsible and healthy. The focus in this monthís column will be centered on a few books that encourage by offering both help and hope.

Kids Helping Kids Break the Silence of Sexual Abuse (Lighthouse Point Press), written by Linda Lee Foltz, fifteen victims of sexual abuse have shared their stories. Because perpetrators of sexual abuse do not discriminate, sexual abuse crosses all racial, ethnic, cultural, socioeconomic and religious backgrounds. It threatens both genders and all ages. This book needs to be read by everyone who cares for children. It offers help for the victims and educates parents in how best to protect and heal children of the pain caused by these predators. Proceeds from its sale are donated to centers that help child victims.